Booking Our Dog Walking / Pet Sitting Services

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How long are the dog walks?
A. Walks are half hour or a hour mostly but longer walks can be done if needed.
We also do adventure mornings these are 3 hour sessions with max of 6 dogs .

Q. How will you get to know my dog?
A. Before every walk or pet sit I visit your home and do a consultation,
so we can see how your pet responds to me being around.

Q. Do I have to be home when you collect my dog ?
A. No I will see to all your dogs need while your out or at work. We will arrange in the consultation how I will collect your dog.
You might leave a key with myself or have a key safe or working from home.

Q. How Much are the Walks
A. Walks very in price but the basic is
Half hour £10
Hour £17.5
Adventure Morning £30

Q. When are you available
A. At the moment it’s easier to contact me for availability but I will do my upmost to accommodate

Q. How do I book
A. You can email, text, call & message me on Facebook I will get back to messages as quickly as I can.

Adventure Morning
  • We are excited to be opening up a new few new slots for our Adventure morning!
    This will be every Wednesday for 3hours! message for more information 🐾😊
    #tireddogs #happydogsclub